Curriculum Vitae

Juli Jolly is a visual artist based in London, UK. Her work is an aesthetic, existential exploration of the specific identity of a subject and its interconnection with the world. Her nature paintings and portraits celebrate the arresting splendour and individuality of each living thing in a dynamic, hypersaturated style that borrows from impressionism, photorealism and William Morris designs.


Juli was born in Soviet Russia and spent several years in Switzerland before relocating to Canada. Working in London since 2010, she feels her background has her up for a lifelong pursuit of identity and postcultural meaning and continues to be passionate about developing her work though travel, residencies and cultural exchange. She holds a BA in Psychology and is a keen student of Existentialism.

Exhibitions and Collaborations

Edinburgh Art Fair, Edinburgh, November 17-20, 2016
Exhibiting recent still lives with Nexus Art members Senja Brendon and Lynne Harkes.

Fall Emerging Artist Exhibition, Gallery 1313, Toronto, September 2016
Exhibited two pieces completed during the Artscape residency, alongside nineteen other emerging artists.

Self-directed residency, Artscape Gibraltar Point, Toronto, August 2016
A two-week residency in an immersive, secluded environment on one of Toronto’s islands.

Self-directed residency, Teignmouth, UK, July 2016
An intensive one-week residency aimed at developing technique, focus and productivity through the daily creation of plein air landscapes.

Nowhere Festival, Huesca Province, Spain, July 2016
Received a grant to create an experimental tactile installation piece, Please Touch, a grouping of six sculptures intended to be perceived through the sense of touch rather than sight.

Edinburgh Art Fair, Edinburgh, November 2015
Shared exhibition stand with Nexus Art members Senja Brendon, Tara Winona and Guy Portelli.

Member, Nexus Art, 2015-present
An international group of artists connected through observations of nature, people and life.

Artist, Johnsons Island Artists, UK, 2015-present
Juli’s primary studio, located on a small island on the River Brent.

Illuminated, Espacio Gallery, London, October-November 2014
a large-scale project through the Jolly Good Creative Collective, featuring nude portraits of sixteen young women. Collaboration with the subjects was a fundamental part of the process: the poses, settings and accessories used in the paintings were chosen by the women portrayed to represent aspects of their personalities.

Co-founder, Jolly Good Creative Collective, London, 2013-present
A collaboration with Amy Goodchild, another London-based artist. JGCC is currently in the early stages of a conceptual, interactive project – you can see some of our inspirations on our tumblr.

Twelve Naked Men, George Contemporary, London, December 2012
A project that gave a group of men the opportunity to be painted nearly nude in a pose and with accessories of their choice.

SaLon Summer Group Show, SaLon Contemporary (now Debut Contemporary), London, August-September 2009
Exhibited with eight other emerging artists.